What are the Key Principles of Stoicism?


“Some things are in our control and others not.” Epictetus When you hear the term “Stoicism,” what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an image of a stone-faced philosopher, unmoved by the chaos of the world, or perhaps someone who suppresses their emotions. However, Stoicism is much more than that. It’s an ancient Greek philosophy that …

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Marcus Aurelius: Reading as a Pillar of Stoicism

In the maze of life, where every twist and turn challenges our sense of direction and purpose, few guides have illuminated our path as the ancient Stoics. Their wisdom, practical and timeless, provides the compass for many in navigating life’s turbulent seas. Marcus Aurelius, a name that resonates with wisdom and virtue, stood as a …

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How Stoicism Can Transform Your Daily Life


Stoicism can stabilize emotions, enhance decision-making, reduce stress, and provide practical techniques for daily challenges, fostering growth and gratitude. Stoicism. It’s an ancient philosophy, not a buzzword. Yet, its timeless principles find relevance even today. Perhaps you’ve heard the term thrown around in self-help circles or seen it as a trending hashtag. But the question …

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Embracing Uncertainty

The world is, and has always been, a swirling sea of unpredictability. Much like a sailor facing the vast ocean, we too confront waves of change, unforeseen storms, and occasionally, the blissful calm. Uncertainty, my friend, is not a new companion to our journey, but often, it feels like an unfamiliar one. In the grand …

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Resilience: Rising Above the Storm

In the intricate tapestry of life, storms – both literal and metaphorical – are inevitable. They’re those moments that test our patience, challenge our beliefs, and force us to question the foundations upon which we’ve built our lives. But remember, it’s not the storm itself that determines our destiny, but rather how we respond to …

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How Did Stoicism Start?


Stoicism began in Greece around 300 BCE with Zeno of Citium. It evolved in Rome, influencing figures like Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. When diving into the vast universe of philosophy, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by esoteric terms and complex narratives. Yet, when it comes to the query, “How did Stoicism start?”, the answer …

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