Marcus Aurelius: Reading as a Pillar of Stoicism

In the maze of life, where every twist and turn challenges our sense of direction and purpose, few guides have illuminated our path as the ancient Stoics. Their wisdom, practical and timeless, provides the compass for many in navigating life’s turbulent seas. Marcus Aurelius, a name that resonates with wisdom and virtue, stood as a …

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How Does Character Motivation Affect a Story’s Plot?


Character motivation is a story’s heartbeat. It shapes actions, creates drama, and makes tales relatable, driving the plot and making it captivating for readers. Have you ever thought about what makes a story exciting or why some characters stick with us? It’s because of something called character motivation. It’s the reason characters do what they …

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3 Simple Ways to Read More

how to read more books

Every day, the world spins faster. We are showered with information from every direction. The urgent often takes precedence over the important. But even in this relentless cycle, the timeless ritual of reading deserves its due respect. This article explores three tried and tested strategies to increase your daily reading time, allowing you to dive …

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