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What Are Three Things You Could Do if You Were Asked to Become an Advocate for Health and Wellness?

In an era where health has become the forefront of every conversation, stepping into the role of a health and wellness advocate might seem like a journey through uncharted territories. Yet, the essence of advocacy lies in a simple truth: it is the art of championing a cause greater than oneself. If tasked with this …

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what is junk journaling?

Junk journaling is a creative practice of collecting and assembling everyday items like receipts, stubs, and doodles into a personalized, tactile memory book. Have you ever stumbled upon an old receipt, a ticket stub, or even a dried flower pressed between the pages of a book and felt a sudden rush of memories? These seemingly …

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Why Journaling Is a Game-Changer for Your Mental Clarity

Journaling declutters the mind, offers emotional release, illuminates patterns, and fosters growth. It’s a tool for self-awareness and mental clarity. In our often chaotic world, where streams of information bombard us from every direction, it’s no wonder many feel overwhelmed. We’re constantly consuming, but seldom reflecting. This very nature of our fast-paced lives can leave …

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This Is Why Morning Routines Can Redefine Your Day

Morning routines set the day’s tone, anchoring thoughts and intentions, fostering productivity, and promoting mental well-being. Start right, steer the day right. We often hear that “the early bird catches the worm” or “how you start your day determines how you end it.” Such age-old proverbs emphasize the importance of our morning actions and routines. …

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9 Life Lessons from Greek Myths

In the echoing halls of history, few narratives wield as much power as those of Greek mythology. These tales, borne from the minds of ancient poets and philosophers, serve not just as entertainment but as timeless capsules of wisdom. They are more than mere stories; they’re allegorical lessons, shedding light on the human condition. From …

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What are the Key Principles of Stoicism?

“Some things are in our control and others not.” Epictetus When you hear the term “Stoicism,” what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an image of a stone-faced philosopher, unmoved by the chaos of the world, or perhaps someone who suppresses their emotions. However, Stoicism is much more than that. It’s an ancient Greek philosophy that …

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How Stoicism Can Transform Your Daily Life

Stoicism can stabilize emotions, enhance decision-making, reduce stress, and provide practical techniques for daily challenges, fostering growth and gratitude. Stoicism. It’s an ancient philosophy, not a buzzword. Yet, its timeless principles find relevance even today. Perhaps you’ve heard the term thrown around in self-help circles or seen it as a trending hashtag. But the question …

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How Did Stoicism Start?

Stoicism began in Greece around 300 BCE with Zeno of Citium. It evolved in Rome, influencing figures like Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. When diving into the vast universe of philosophy, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by esoteric terms and complex narratives. Yet, when it comes to the query, “How did Stoicism start?”, the answer …

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How Does Character Motivation Affect a Story’s Plot?

Character motivation is a story’s heartbeat. It shapes actions, creates drama, and makes tales relatable, driving the plot and making it captivating for readers. Have you ever thought about what makes a story exciting or why some characters stick with us? It’s because of something called character motivation. It’s the reason characters do what they …

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Which Part of Your Brain Is Involved in Your Motivation?

Your motivation is driven by multiple brain regions including the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, hypothalamus, and amygdala. What if I told you that the mystery behind your motivation isn’t so much a psychological phenomenon but a neurological one? Yes, the fiery drive to achieve your goals, the spark that lights up when you’re on the …

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